Interactive Whiteboards and Smartboards

Since the early 1990’s the Interactive Whiteboard has become the gold standard in classrooms worldwide. Providing an immediate, interactive experience, it is proven to motivate students to learn and produce improved learning outcomes.

The large surface gives students ample space and encourages them to work together. By writing with a pen or their finger, they can draw over any application or website to highlight key points, record observations and brainstorm ideas. They have the entire resources of the internet at their fingertips.


  • websites
  • video and audio clips
  • interactive teaching programs
  • interactive software such as digital flipcharts
  • use of additional peripherals such as electronic microscopes or digital cameras and scanners.

Whichever SMART solution you choose, you can be confident in knowing that every solution shares intuitive user interfaces, supported by robust market leading warranties and on-site teacher training.

SMART Boards they are so easy to use

Arona is a leading supplier and installer of Smartboards in Ireland.

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