Why Cloud Computing for a small business?

Cost effective solutions from Arona  At Arona, we can design the ideal cost effective solution to fit your small business needs. Cloud computing simply means storing and accessing data and programmes over the internet instead of your computer’s hard drive.  Benefits of Microsoft 365 and Google workspace:  Collaborate Easily Work Anywhere Always Have Access to […]

Is your business or school at risk from Cyber security attacks ?

Arona IT Solutions | Kildare & Dublin

The Covid-19 pandemic has made small businesses more vulnerable to cyber security attacks.    Increased remote working and use of contactless payment methods have given attackers new opportunities to target businesses.    Although it might be difficult to stop every threat, small businesses can protect themselves in a post-pandemic market by having as many layers of defence […]

Arona recommends 7 Tips to Make Your Passwords as Strong as Possible

Arona IT Solutions | Kildare & Dublin

We’ve been on the internet for almost 35 years, yet we still haven’t learned our lesson about online passwords. According to a recent security study, the most commonly used web passwords are things like “123456” and “password.”  And if you use that simple password across multiple accounts—as a reported 92 percent of online users do—that […]